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Welcome to MW-K9

Note from the Breeder  ….

I breed once a year, when the demand is there.

My dogs are protective and loyal. I start obedience and tracking at a very young age.

Past litters have gone to work as cadaver and explosive dogs, as well as personal protection dogs.

They have gone to police departments and the National Guard.

Please be familiar with the breed, as they need a strong handler.

They are not aggressive dogs, per se, and are safe around children and most pets,

but this is due to the high level of socialization that these dogs experience.

From an early age they are conditioned in obedience and tracking.

Every litter has high drive pups and medium drive pups.

The Dam is a therapy dog that is extensively socialized in schools, stores, and church, and has off leash obedience.   Sire is an imported KNPV dog.

I have no association with any other SC breeders.   They are calm and trainable.

My guarantee holds firm. I am not interested in temporary homes.

Your commitment to the breed is necessary for ownership.

Do your homework, please.

                                        “NOT FOR THE FAINT AT HEART”

If you are after a strong, bold, natural worker, driven, and instinctive, then look no further.

Thank you, MW-K9

Deposits and Stud Fees are Non-Refundable

"Puppy Guarantee - I will replace any puppy with a Genetic life threatening disease"

18 years experience as a Breeder, Handler, Trainer.

Formerly MedievalWorkingK9.

Dog Soldiers: They have barrelled into the fiercest battles of history. They have risked their lives for fallen comrades. They have remained loyal until death – guarding, encouraging, fighting until all, but their spirit, was lost. Dogs have certainly proved effective in battles throughout history. The Roman Army had whole companies composed entirely of dogs.

Faithful Hounds: After the fall of Rome, armies across the globe continued using war dogs, but no longer limited their service to fighting. They were trained as guard dogs, sentries, messengers and draught dogs.

Good Stock: The breeding of working dogs has resulted in highly intelligent, hardy, alert dogs that are often attractive and extremely loyal. As a result, many working breeds (such as the Dutch Shepherd and German Shepherd) are sought after as family pets.

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